Currently I am working on the following novels:


Dust Bound

A dystopian fantasy romance set in a post-apocalyptic world, an apocalypse brought by Faeries. Adelia Lark appears to be the only one unaffected by the Dust that covers the earth. She must overcome her fears of what she is becoming to help rescue a stolen child and, along the way, find the love she’s fought against for so long with the leader of the compound, Ryder Hendrix. (Currently seeking representation for the finished manuscript)

DB Beginnings


Project Siren

My newest WIP. An ex-marine discovers mermaids are real and his government is torturing them in experiments to create a race of super soldiers. Evan Hunter must decide where his loyalties lie – to the unit he fought for or to the mermaid who reignites the spark in his soul. This WIP is based on a prompt piece I wrote some time ago that you can read here. (WIP – contemporary fantasy)

Project Siren


Flight Of Hope

The sequel to Dust Bound, Flight of Hope picks up a year after the events in Dust Bound. Can’t say too much because all spoilers! But I’m having fun writing it and you can check out some aesthetics here! (WIP – Fantasy)

DB2 Collage Lark between two worlds


Anton Baruch deserts an unjust and genocidal war against the elves and seeks to find forgiveness and redemption with his family and friends, especially with the elvish woman who holds his heart – Alaea. The war is still raging and Anton finds that he may now be the key to ending it. (Fantasy, First draft complete, undergoing revisions.)

Redemption Picture Collage 2

Light Breaks

What would you do if you discovered you had magic on a night out in town? Phoebe is human, and fears she is going mad when long latent magic awakes in her. A hunter from the Fae court, Damon, is sent to deal with her but finds himself drawn to protect her instead. Against her will, Phoebe finds herself drawn into a battle between different Fae factions. The book deals with the themes of what is real and what is unreal, and what really makes us strong. (WIP – Urban Fantasy Romance)

LB Phamon worlds a

Broken Wing

More of a concept than a WIP at the moment, but it is a fantasy novel centering on Elena, who was banished from her flock and her wings taken.  She finds refuge with a human community where she falls in love with Max. Her flock call for her and she faces a choice: to return to them, and spare her human friends, or resist and lose all she has rebuilt.  You can read the older story that sparked this idea here, and see an aesthetic for it here.

Broken Wing 3

Other Ideas:

I also have ideas for a historical novel, sparked by my research for my MA on 19th Century criminal women (read a story extract here), and a different urban fantasy novel/series based around an investigator. I also have a concept for a Beauty and the Beast retelling based on this story, and an idea for a 1920s witch story. I’m going to be busy for quite some time!


You can find extracts of my projects on the SNIPPETS page found in the menu bar at the top of the page or at this link. Bear in mind they are in draft form and still undergoing revisions 🙂


You can find MOOD BOARDS for each of my projects on the MOOD BOARDS gallery page found in the menu bar at the top of this page or at this link.


I have also written a fanfic based on the BBC series – Merlin. It is set in the current day and is titled ‘Merlin – The Return of the Once and Future King‘.  This is available to read at  Merlin Fanfic by Clementine Fraser on

I have currently uploaded ten chapters and will be uploading more soon.





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