As a historian I’m pretty happy dwelling in the past. But, as a historian I also know that the narrative that you construct about the past determines the power that it has over you.   The Lion King is a good example of this. Simba runs away when his uncle convinces him he is responsible …

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Redemption – Mood Board

January 11, 2018

Mood Board for Redemption – finished first draft, currently undergoing revisions. It’s really tough to find images that really show what’s in my head for this one. Although in many ways Redemption is a fairly classic fantasy, they’re not in medieval armour. The images in my head are more steampunk inspired crossed with traditional fantasy costumes. One image is included not for the style he’s dressed in but because he’s how I imagine Anton.  I’m going to have to commission photographs that reflect my vision if (when) this gets published!

(Excuse all the mood board posts – I’m just setting them up so have tried to space them out a bit 🙂 )


  Living a purposeful life. It sounds great but we don’t always do it.   Joseph Campbell was a mythologist who wrote about the hero with a thousand faces. He also presented a philosophy summed up as ‘Follow your Bliss’. Bliss here is seen as transcendence, consciousness, a certain one with the universe thing. I’ve …

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