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Redemption – Mood Board

January 11, 2018

Mood Board for Redemption – finished first draft, currently undergoing revisions. It’s really tough to find images that really show what’s in my head for this one. Although in many ways Redemption is a fairly classic fantasy, they’re not in medieval armour. The images in my head are more steampunk inspired crossed with traditional fantasy costumes. One image is included not for the style he’s dressed in but because he’s how I imagine Anton.  I’m going to have to commission photographs that reflect my vision if (when) this gets published!

(Excuse all the mood board posts – I’m just setting them up so have tried to space them out a bit 🙂 )


Booted footsteps outside her cell brought her staggering to her feet and her head held up high. They wouldn’t see her grovelling on the floor like a frightened peasant. Ignoring the pain in her head she thrust her hair off her face. Her braid was mostly undone, and the locks that fell in her eyes …

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  Today’s Tuesday Trying was inspired by a Twitter conversation. If you’re on twitter you might have seen an exchange between a woman who claimed that the Megalodon was still in existence and a whole bunch of marine scientists who said ‘uhh…not so much’. What hooked me was her claim that the existence of the …

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Today’s prompt is another in first person but I decided to mix it up and make it a piece of dialogue instead, working on creating a part of a story that fits with some plot bunnies of mine. I hope you enjoy it.   Elena gazed upwards, as though through the snowy boughs she could …

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Marius nudged his horse closer, bringing Anton back into the present. “What’s that over there, at the edge of the forest?” Following the direction of Marius’s finger, Anton allowed a touch of his power out to improve his eyesight. He saw the unmistakeable signs of soldiers on horseback. “Draw up” he snapped back. “Into defensive …

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