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I am working on the following novels:

Dust Bound


Happily ever afters don’t exist in Adelia’s broken world covered in poisonous faerie Dust—especially not after the Fae steal a boy. Rescuing him risks more than Adelia’s life; it risks exposing her biggest secret to the man she loves. She’s the thing he hates most: one of the Fae.


*12th in the 2018 Ink and Insights Competition and awarded Judge’s Favorite*

*Winner of the 2019 Silver Quill Award (WisRWA)*

*Winner of the Fantasy category of the 2019 On the Far Side Contest, RWA*

*Third Place in the 2019 Georgia Maggie’s *

*2nd Place in the 2019 TARA *

*Fourth Place in the 2019 Windy Cities Four Seasons Contest*

*Joint FIRST in 2019 High Five Contest *

(Currently seeking publication for the finished manuscript)

Lady of the Ravens

Killing a king was supposed to keep her safe. Now the new king has killed her coven, hunts her child, and seeks to steal her power. She never should have married him.

Lady Macbeth x Merlin (BBC)

Currently Seeking Representation for the Completed Manuscript

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Blood Cursed Rose

A contemporary gender swapped vampire Beauty and the Beast, with character interactions reminiscent of Yennefer and Geralt in THE WITCHER, and the aesthetic of THE ORIGINALS.

*Winner of the Light Paranormal category of the 2019 On the Far Side Contest, RWA*

*Third Place in the 2019 Windy Cities Four Seasons contest*

*Joint FIRST place in the High Five Contest 2019*

*2nd Place in the 2020 Emily Contest*

*FIRST Place in the 2019 MARA Fiction From the Heartland Contest*

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The Witch of Mayfair

Currently Drafting.

1920s fantasy.


The Witch of Mayfair 2.png

Flight Of Hope

The sequel to Dust Bound, Flight of Hope will pick up a year after the events in Dust Bound. (WIP – Fantasy)

DB2 Collage Lark between two worlds


Anton Baruch deserts an unjust and genocidal war against the elves and seeks to find forgiveness and redemption with his family and friends, especially with the elvish woman who holds his heart – Alaea. The war is still raging and Anton finds that he may now be the key to ending it. (Fantasy, First draft complete, awaiting revisions.)


Light Breaks

Phoebe is a single mother trying to find her way after a disastrous marriage. When long latent magic awakens in her, she fears she is going mad like her great aunt. A hunter from the Fae court, Damon, is sent to deal with her but finds himself drawn to protect her instead. Against her will, Phoebe finds herself drawn into a battle between different Fae factions. The book deals with the themes of what is real and what is unreal, and what really makes us strong. (WIP – Urban Fantasy Romance)

LB Phamon worlds a

Ice Witch, Fire Mage

A total plot bunny at the moment. Inspired by a short story I wrote here.

I have also written a 75k fanfic based on the BBC series – Merlin. It is set in the current day and is titled ‘Merlin – The Return of the Once and Future King‘.  This is available to read at  Merlin Fanfic by Clementine Fraser on
NB – I wrote this in 2016 initially for my sons as a Christmas present and then for me.

All photographs used in aesthetics are from Shutterstock or Unsplash or sourced via Canva, and are license free.

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