Today’s writing is inspired by a prompt given to me by Adam Guillemette at you’d think that staring down the barrel of cupid’s arrow, one would feel elated as with all these challenges I write them in about an hour and then press publish, so they’re not polished – but they’re a great exercise to …

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Valentines Day WIP challenge

February 15, 2018

Dust bound romance collage 7a


A friend challenged us to Valentines our Work in Progress.

I came up with this valentine’s poem for my characters Adelia Lark and Ryder Hendrix in Dust Bound.

If you would like to give it a go to Valentines your WIP I would love to see it! Leave it in the comments 🙂

This week’s Tuesday Trying i decided to use a rose (at the suggestion of a friend) and there was something about this photograph, by Tanalee Youngblood, that spoke to me. So the rules for today are to mention the roses, and to focus on description through emotional response (which was the topic of a writerly …

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“Come on Ella! Daddy won’t mind!” “But he said we weren’t to go in the garden without him. I don’t wanna play outside anyway.” “Don’t be such a silly! I’m so bored! You can bring barbie and I’ll have iron man and we can play adventures – I’ll even let you have the secret hiding space …

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