The cafe had emptied except for a few patrons, and Merlin was hardly through his second coffee. He listened to Arthur reading out some of the more outlandish things from the paper when his friend’s voice was interrupted by a sharp tingle running up his back. Slowly placing his cup on the table he cocked …

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Daegal saw Jelena hesitate in front of the chest. Her rapid breathing and white knuckles on  the dark wood of their escape tugged at his heart, and at his memory. Anton had told him of a time in their training when some of the younger men, fed up with being beaten by Jelena, had taken …

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Through the glass she saw the children. Monitors lay overturned and Matt and Lily raged around the small ward, smashing equipment and throwing supplies on the ground. They were the ones screaming, raw guttural cries that didn’t belong in such young bodies. Jenny and Xiyu Chang, Lily’s mother, were outside the glass. Xiyu was shouting …

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Dust Bound – Aesthetic

March 6, 2018

I made an aesthetic for the last few chapters of my WIP – Dust Bound – as a way of keeping me motivated and enthused in the writing process. It worked!


Dust Bound End Chapter Collage