Kia ora and hello!

I’m Clementine, a prepublished author and blogger. In my day job I battle teenage ennui and thieves of time as a high school history teacher. I love it. (No really, I do.) In my spare time I write!


My first finished draft ever! You can tell I’m excited.

I write mostly paranormal and fantasy novels with a good dose of romance and adventure. I love telling stories about people who strive to be better than they think they are, usually whilst dealing with the kind of Big Bad you’d rather not face alone. I like a bit of humour so that creeps in as my characters find ways to achieve victory and love. And sometimes love itself is the victory.

My core story is about vulnerability, and loyalty, and facing who you are and where you are with strength and dignity.

I have been writing more short stories – for competitions and for practice. I am sharing these on the blog as I write them.


Coffee is kind of my life’s blood. Which is awkward when you tell teenagers to lay off the energy drinks as you dose yourself in ever increasing caffeine shots. The upside to a coffee addiction as a teacher is that they know the way to your heart is through a strong barista coffee, and they bring you treats.


Family is very important to me. I’m a single mother to the two most amazing sons. This has given me a much stronger insight into Nerf battles and Minecraft zombies than I ever thought I’d have. My sons also teach me about courage, friendship, resilience, and the art of laughing at yourself. They show me the most extraordinary kindness and are tireless cheerleaders of my writing aspirations.


I love superheroes (especially Captain America *sigh*) and Star Wars and all kinds of fantasy. I also love street art and collect Russian dolls.


This blog is about what I’m interested in and what I write about.

I look forward to sharing my world with you!