If you’re a fan of magic, dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction, romance, adventure, superheroes, coffee, family, super random thoughts, and the odd inspirational post *stops to take a breath* then we sound like a good match!

Welcome to my blog 🙂

I write about things that interest me—often they are issues that crop up in my works in progress. These range from thoughts about romantic tropes, the immortal existence, and friendship in fiction, to more universal themes covering the human experience. I write about loneliness, about how to find joy, about resilience and facing fear. I explore these ideas from my own experience and perception, but hope they resonate with you too.

I am also a history teacher and the interconnectedness between history and identity and learning is important to me.

I try to mix up my posts so there are thoughts about writing, about tropes, about heroes, interspersed with the life lesson and self awareness posts.

Some recurring features

Short Stories I’ve been writing more short stories and sharing them on the blog. One of my short stories has recently been chosen for publication in the upcoming Flying Ketchup Press Goldilocks anthology! (keep your eyes peeled for a link once it’s out!)

Tuesday Trying – this is where I scribble off a short creative piece from a visual or written prompt. I have been doing this to keep myself motivated and to practise different techniques or refine things I want to work on

Weekend Story Snippet Sharing – On past Sundays I have shared a small snippet from one of my projects. It’s tough to choose something that reflects the nature of the work without giving everything away! NOTE – although I post these on my Sunday, being in this part of the world it’s still everyone else’s Saturday…

If you’d like to know more about me, click here.

You can read more extracts of my work on the SNIPPETS page (found at the top in the Menu bar), or see an overview of my current Works in Progress here.

I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them 🙂